Re-using a weigh-in for another game

If you have submitted an initial or final weigh-in (with photos!) and a DietBet Referee has approved it, this weigh-in can be used again for a weigh-in in a different game. The option to re-use a weigh-in will appear when you attempt to submit your weigh-in for the new game, as long as it was approved in the last 48 hours. You cannot upload the photos again manually -- you must use the option that is presented on the site to re-use the weigh-in. Remember, re-using a weigh-in means you don't need to take another set of photos or worry about the weigh-in word!

If you'd rather not re-use a weigh-in, you always have the option to submit a completely new initial weigh-in with different photos. Keep in mind that a completely new weigh-in will have a different weigh-in word assigned.

Reaching your target weight early
The only weigh-ins that count (when determining official results) are the weigh-ins at the beginning and end of the game. If you reach your goal early, it's your responsibility to maintain your weight-loss until the end.

Multiple weigh-in words in photos

You cannot submit a photo with multiple weigh-in words. Each photo of the scale must only contain the weigh-in word for the game you're playing.

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