No lose guarantee
What happens if everyone (or nearly everyone) wins my game?  Simply put: you get your bet back! Our "No Lose Guarantee" ensures that if you win your dietbet, you won't lose money. Most winners make money (about 1.5 to 2x on average) but in the event that your game has an unusually high percentage of winners, we'll forfeit our cut in order to ensure that nobody loses money. So the worst case scenario is that you'll end up losing weight for free, which is still a big win.

Game goals
We currently offer two games on our site - DB 4 (lose 4% in 4 weeks) or DB 10 (lose 10% in 6 months).  You can not adjust the amount of weight loss or length of times for the games.  Hosts can only start their own DB 4 games.  DB 10 games are hosted by DietBet only at this time.  

Weight versus Body Fat or Measurements
Since most people don't have access to accurate advanced body measurement tools, we decided to base our game on pure weight-loss, which, while not perfect, offers substantial challenges as well as significant health benefits for most people.


We know that players come in different shapes, sizes and genders.  We offer challenges based on losing a % of bodyweight, wherein all players have to lose the same % of their starting weight in a set amount of time. It’s not perfect, but it helps level the playing field.

We know that some people do not want to share their weight publicly so we help you protect this information.  Your weight is automatically hidden from view unless you opt-in to show it. Hidden weights appear with a line through them in the dashboard so you know its being hidden. Only your progress towards your goal will show to others. (i.e. Jane is at 33% of her weight loss goal.)

We recognize that most scales are not precision instruments and for this reason we have a few policies and recommendations. First, use the best scale you can get your hands on, preferably a doctor's scale (the kind with sliders that can be calibrated easily). Second, whenever possible, use the same scale at the starting and ending weigh-ins.  Although we do allow you to use analog scales, they do increase your chances of being audited and having to submit a video weigh-in.

Diet Advice
We don't make or market our own diet products or programs. And since everyone's different, we suggest you explore healthy weight-loss options that fit your lifestyle. We like to consider ourselves diet-agnostic.  Our role is to supply you with the motivation that kickstarts healthy new habits. And we aim to inspire you and your dietbetting friends to make positive changes that you can all sustain even after your dietbet's over.

Pounds vs. Kilograms
We realize that most of the world uses kilograms, but our site defaults to pounds because we are located in the U.S.

International Players
People dietbet all over the world. If you are having trouble paying with your credit card, try using Paypal.

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