Monthly vs Upfront Payment

Players can place their bets on a monthly basis or in a single upfront payment.

Players who are paying monthly must keep an updated credit card on file with us. If the card expires or is declined when the next round is billed, the player will be notified by email to update the card. If the card is not updated within 48 hours, the player will be ejected from the game and forfeit any winnings.

As a reward for going "all-in" up front, players who elect to place their entire six-month bet at the start of the game will be charged for five rounds (instead of six). Over the course of the six rounds, "all-in" players thus end up contributing less into the pot than monthly-bet players but still receive an equal share of the pot if they win. Conversely, monthly-bet players retain the option to drop out mid game.

Pots blend bets from monthly-bet players and all-in players. At the end of each round, the pot for that round is split evenly among all the winners of that round, regardless of their payment method.

Half of all bets go into the pot for Round 6 (the Grand Prize). The other half goes into Rounds 1-5. If a player betting monthly elects to drop out mid-game, the money they've contributed into the Round 6 pot remains in Round 6 pot.

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